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My dedication to my wonderful wife, friend & partner - my soulmate

There is a memorial donation fund being collected to help our family with funeral expenses.
We were completely unprepared for this and it caught us at a very bad financial time,
we really cannot afford a funeral. We are very grateful for those who have offered to help.
Thank you for your support.

Tia's Memorial Service will be on Sunday, 16 November.

Time and Location Information are available here

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Dedicated to my wife:
When I post in my journal, I always include a little signature picture. Those of you who have
received my journals via email don't get to see them, so if you want to,
I've put them all ON THIS PAGE (click here) for you.

How did all this start?

On July 30, Tia got very sick after dinner. She had been perfectly fine, then suddenly got dizzy and threw up her dinner. We thought it was a stomach bug, or food poisoning. We checked everything she ate, but there were no clues to be had. Over the course of the evening, she continued to be dizzy and nauseous but insisted she didn't want to go to the emergency room. I wish I hadn't listened.
By morning, when she tried to go to the bathroom, she fell very badly and we called 911.

On July 31st, she was admitted to the Leonard Morse Hospital in Natick. They attemped to have an MRI done, but she was too sick and dizzy to handle it. Over the next few days, they did many tests, but had no real answers.

On Aug 5, they finally managed to get an almost complete MRI, that revealed Tia had suffered a major
stroke in the cerebellum. She was transferred to the Neurosciences division of the Mass General. She
was in a patient room for three days. The one day we were late getting to the hospital, we learned that
she'd been found that morning unresponsive with fixed pupils and immediately moved to the ICU.

She suffered a second stroke in the midbrain, and due to complications with her CHF and fluid in her
lungs, she was put on a respirator in stable but guarded condition while they began a course of treatment
to prevent further strokes and try to correct the CHF problems. All of this is recorded in day by day
detailed information below in the blog entries. More medical data is available at the bottom of this page.

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Details on the damage as explained by the ICU doctor - click HERE (updated 9/08/08)

Current Condition and Information:
Tia was transferred back to the Mass General on Oct 16. She passed away on Nov. 9. Rest in Peace, my love.

She is no longer able to communicate or be aware that anyone is there.
She is no longer aware, to the best of the doctor's knowledge, of any real sensory input and
is in a coma-like fugue state and is functionally brain dead. There will be no recovery.

Tia passed at approx. 2:00 pm on Sunday, 9 November.
Her passing was quiet and peaceful, without pain or discomfort,
after only 2 hours of 'hospice' with the machines turned off.
In attendance were her spouse Jet / Lori, her sister Randi and her life-long friend Ken.
Other close friends stayed in the waiting room for support and comfort.
The nurse attending to her was Zach, as we requested - he was kind, compassionate and
everything we have come to expect from him - waiting was the right decision.

She fought very hard for 3 months and it was time to let her go peacefully.

In total, she suffered at least 4 strokes, affecting the cerebellum, the occipital lobe,
the corpus callosum, the midbrain, the medulla oblongata and bilateral damage to the thalamus.
She also suffered a pulmonary cardiac arrest, as well as multiple severe infections and partial renal failure.
She was with us for a bit longer because of the exceptional care given by the Mass General
and in specific, because of unparalled heroic efforts by her primary nurse, Zach.

If you wish to send thanks or gratitude to the Mass General for their exceptional care,
please send your cards and notes to:
The Nurses and Staff of the RACU on Bigelow 9

The Nurses and Staff of the NICU on Ellison 12
The Nurses and Staff of the MICU on Blake 7

Please contact Jet if you have any questions not answered here.

Tia's Memorial will be on Sunday, 16 November.
Details will be posted as they become available.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Contact Information:

Tia and Jet (Lori) Cultir
Jet's cell phone: 215-280-6425
Jet's email: jetcultir@gmail.com

Tia passed away at 2:00 pm on November 9th, 2008.
Please send all cards, gifts, flowers, etc to their home address,
send flowers for the funeral to the Joyce Funeral home listed above

contact Jet via email for address information - not posted here for security reasons

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